Additional Services

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Our cleaning is geared toward surface cleaning and resealing.

We lightly clean with a number of different pads (depending on the surface) to pull out the dirt and debris. We then will steam the hardwood (If needed) and then apply our resealer (If requested)


If you have used any store bought cleaners ( Rejuvenate, Bona, or any other wax product) the cost of service can greatly increase due to the nature of wax products on wood floors and even laminate. It takes alot of time in most cases to remove.

Upholstery Cleaning and Deoderizing 

Stinky upholstery can turn off guests. Having your couches, chairs and mattresses cleaned can help with unwanted odors and illness.

General cleaning: The front side of the cushons and arm rest areas as it sits.


Deep Cleaning: All sides of the cushions and the entire piece of upholstery.


Pet stains and or Odors are dealt with differently and must be inspected before a cost of service is determined.

Air Duct Fogging

Sanitize and deoderize your duct work

Air duct fogging helps to kill germs and bacteria that are living in your airducts. By fogging an approved disinfectant we can neutralize and kill odors living within.


Don't mistake this for cleaning. Always have your hvac guy inspect your coils and blower motor yearly.

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