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Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach, acne creams, peroxide ect..

Bleach or other harsh chemicals leave faded and unsightly spots. You may think this is unfixable and may look to hide these with a plant or replace it all together.


Don't replace it, Dye it. Most carpets that are dyed at the factory can be redyed. Like Nylon, Silk,and Wool just to name a few.


KDB has the knowledge and tools to correct these issues. If your carpet is one color or has multiple colors/patterns, we guarantee a color match and the color will last the life of the carpet.

Color Restoration and Custom Color Creation

Restore Faded carpets or change it all together


When it seems that your carpets just don't look as good as they feel, whether from sunfading or improper cleaning from "do it yourself" type cleaners or "professional" cleaners, call KDB to add a little life back into the carpet. We can add the original color back into the carpet with a color cleaning process or create a new Custom color and spice it up a bit.


All dyes are colorfast and set within 30 seconds. Meaning you can walk on it right after it has been sprayed with NO transfer.

Area Rug Restoration

Restore those beautiful rugs

Bring the life back to these beautiful creations. Sun fading, improper cleaning and time are the worst enemies for Persian/Oriental rugs. 


We can bring them back to their former glory with the proper cleaning method and our expert color matching technology.  We spend alot of face time with these rugs. Using syringes to get the most delicate application of our dyes into the smallest of places, and our specifically designed airbrush system to finish the rest.


We can spend as much as 40 hrs on one rug. 


Types of rugs that can be restored:

Wool, Silks, Viscoes, Nylon, Acrylic, Persian, Oriental, Karastan, Turkish and More.


Polyester or polypropylene can not. These are typically the real cheap rugs that are heat set and chemically dyed plastic.

This person decided it would be cheaper to do it themselves with a rug doctor vs. having a professional cleaning. Can you see the inconsistant spray patterns? The spray is not even covering the whole path of the rug doctor. Not only that she put bleach in it....  You can see where she stopped because of the large drips. Look at those streaks!  


So now you get 2 things from this picture


1. Rug Doctors are not as effective as you might think. They can spray in a inconsistant pattern to cover the area you think it's cleaning nor have enough suction to pull out the water and chemical your trying to spray.


2. Don't put bleach on your carpet!! or Resolve



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