Carpet Cleaning

** We have a minimum of $150 for any job **

 Our Current Pricing — updated 03/09/17                                                                                                                    
 Expect to pay the prices listed below. We don’t play games with pricing.               




1st 3 rooms/areas = $150
   all other rooms/areas =
$50 each. 
Combo rooms, Bonus rooms or rooms over 225 sq ft count as 2 rooms.


Hallways are Free (up to 100sqft)


Stairs are $4 per step




Cleaning Includes:

  • Spot removal                                                                       
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Minor Furniture Moving- sofa, chairs  (No Electronics,Beds, Glass, Antiques, heavy bulky objects.)


Pet Stain/ Minor Odor removal: $35+ per room (Heavy soiled areas can require additional cost to flush out the pad).



Restoration cleaning: If your in need of a Restoration, there is no extra charge for this unless the cleaning takes more than 4 hrs.

                                                Over 4 hrs is charge of $150 per hour until completed.


Extremely dirty carpet/ or urine saturated carpet will take more time and ultimately be an increase in final cleaning cost.


Carpet Protectant: $25 per room Includes a 6 month spot and spill warranty


We offer Carpet Protectants and Professional Home Spot Cleaning Solutions.

                                Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

Sofa + Love Seat = $159 (add $100 if cushions are removable and you want all sides of them cleaned).

Sectional Sofa =     $195 (add $100 if cushions are removable and you want all sides of them cleaned).

Recliner =                  $65


We offer Upholstery Protectants and Sanitizing.


                                     Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor cleaning is charged by the square foot   and starts at      (.50)

Gloss refinisher is available and also charged by the square foot 1st coat starts at  (.50)


Extreme build up of wax products will incur an additional charge to be determined upon inspection.


Furniture Moving is available and charged by the piece.

                                             Air Duct Sanitation

Sanitizing your air ducts helps keep your home or office healthier.  We will fog a disinfectant throughout the entire unit to kill germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus.


Charge is $150 per unit or Return Opening

                                              Discounts and Fees

All services on this page have a Minimum of $150 


Discounts are taken off of anything over the Minimum.


Military Discount is 20% (Active Duty and Disabled)

Police, Fire, Teachers, Seniors 10%


We DO NOT charge: Tax, Trip Charge*, Fuel Charge, Dump Fee, Estimates.


As of 4-1-2017  There will be no discounts given on rental properties that are trashed.


* Unless you are more than 45 mins away from our base of operartion in Chesapeake or scheduled days route.


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