How do You clean a spot or spill?

March 20, 2018

So how do you clean up a spill on the carpet? Normally we go for a paper towel or a rag and try to pick up what we can, right? Grab that bottle of whatever was bought at the store that promised on the label "stain remover!" But the spill just happened and hasn't yet become a stain until you sprayed the spill with the magic elixir transforming the easy to clean spill into a stain and then.... well we all know the story.


So here is a quick and easy way to clean up a spill on the carpet:

1. Clean up what you can by using a paper towel or rag. Get as much moisture out as you can.

2. Grab your shop vac. Make sure you can use it to vac up water!

3. Get some hot water from your tap and pour over the area of the spill, as your         pouring the hot water use your shop vac to immediately extract the water you       just poured. Thus rinsing the carpet of any and hopefully all of the remaining          spill.

4. If there is remaining residue from the spill, Now would be a good time to use           KDB spotters. KDB Carpet Cleaning has several professional grade spotters         for sale. We also have a small free trial size.


So basically the idea is to rinse away the spill before you try to use chemicals. Chemicals can set in spots, making then stains and stains are tougher and more expensive to work on. Stains also have no 100% guaranteed removal.


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